St.Lucia has built a solid reputation as an offshore jurisdiction since its entry into the provision of offshore financial services in 1999. Legislation has been designed to attract investors yet to safeguard against those seeking to compromise the integrity of the jurisdiction. There has been a deliberate attempt to control the industry’s growth which has resulted in St.Lucia’s offshore industry developing at a progressive rate yet not so rapid as to attract the world’s attention, an obvious advantage to an investor seeking anonymity and privacy.

The island of St.Lucia is widely regarded as the most beautiful of the Caribbean islands. She earned the nickname “Helen of the West” during the 16th century when she was the subject of fourteen battles between the British and the French before the British finally claimed her in 1814.This island of 160,000 is located 1300 miles south of Florida island and 100 miles to the northwest of Barbados. It enjoys a tropical climate year-round which is one of the features which has made it one of the more popular Caribbean tourist destinations.

The main currency used is the Eastern Caribbean dollar and the island has maintained an excellent reputation for putting in place and enforcing strict licensing laws and regulations.

St.Lucia possesses modern state of the art telecommunication services with constantly improving infrastructure and technology. Its recent entry into the offshore arena has contributed to the island’s rapid development as a major business centre. The market is extremely vibrant and St. Lucia is considered as one of the best investment opportunities in the Caribbean.

The island has numerous attractions and places of interest to visit. Our world-famous Pitons have recently been designated a ‘World Heritage site’ and cited by Oprah Winfrey’s “O” Magazine as the Number One place to see before you die.